Hades Map 4
Oil on board 35 x 42 cm 2015


Oil on board, 50 x 40 cm 2015


Acrylic on paper 75 x 67 cm 2015


Oil on board 69 x 52 cm 2015


Oil on canvs on board 45 x 61 cm 2015


The Abduction
Oil on canvas 119 x 98.5 cm 2015


The Tide's Recurrent Tumble
Oil on board 54 x 61 cm 2015



When I was making this work I was thinking about seasonality, death and rebirth, ancient symbols and universal archetypes. I explored ideas of regeneration; the cycle of life and the myths we build to understand it. My titles were often taken from poetry which echoes, however obliquely, these concerns. A particular focus was the myth of Hades and Persephone. The painting 'The Abduction' refers to Hades carrying Persephone off to the underworld thus instigating winter.